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Group Outing Fall 2022

less than 1 minute read

Munoz group and friends. We went out for a hike and put some stuff on the grill to eat.

Munoz group featured by Berkeley Lab CSR News

less than 1 minute read

Our group and particularly our work at Berkeley Lab with Bert de Jong were featured in the wonderful article by Keri Troutman ‘SRP Program Benefits UTEP Researchers in Materials Science and Beyond’ published in Berkeley Lab’s Computing Science Research News. Read it here.

Student success at UTEP and a few other things

less than 1 minute read

Lizbeth San Martin interviewed Jorge about his career path, job responsabilities and success, working with students at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and being one, and what makes him tick. Based on this, she wrote an article in Spanish for The Prospector, which is UTEP’s student newspaper. Read it here.

Jorge part of the 2022 Cottrell Scholar Award class

less than 1 minute read

Jorge was selected to be part of the 2022 class of Cotrell Scholars by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) and receive $100,000 to be used towards research and teaching. The title of his proposal was “Fast and Accurate Computation of Anharmonic Phonons in Polymorphic Materials” and aims to develop methods and computational tools to compute anharmonic force constants for several materials from quantum mechanics, from which many functional properties can be predicted. The press release from RCSA is here. A non-technical explanation of the project is here. An article published by UTEP Communications is here.

Patent granted

less than 1 minute read

The patent titled “Entropic clustering of objects” was granted today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with number 11,238,308. It describes a method to perform cluster analysis using mathematical graphs and some ideas from thermodynamics and simulated annealing. The owner of this patent is Intel Corporation and the inventor is Jorge Munoz. Check it out here.


Group Outing Fall 2021

less than 1 minute read

Munoz group. We had some pizza and went to a Beatles concert afterwards.