Machine learning


Entropic clustering of objects

An embodiment of a semiconductor package apparatus may include technology to map a collection of data into two or more mathematical graph representations of the data based on a configurable set of rules that one of preserves or enhances relationships or properties of the data, and organize the two or more graph representations into two or more clusters of data based on graph information entropy and one or more parameters. Other embodiments are disclosed and claimed.

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J.A. Muñoz, US Patent 11,238,308 (granted February 1, 2022)

Entropic classification of objects

There is disclosed in an example a computing apparatus for assigning an entropy score to a document to be added to a corpus in a first temporal state having a first corpus entropy, having one or more logic elements, including at least one hardware logic element, providing a classification engine to: receive the document to be added to the corpus; add the document to the corpus, creating a second temporal state of the corpus; compute a second corpus entropy for the second temporal state, based at least in part on a morphism; and assign the document a gentropy score based at least in part on a difference between the first corpus entropy and the second corpus entropy.

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J.A. Muñoz, US Patent 10,956,476 (granted March 3, 2021)